Lawyers Guide Affiliate Program Details! is one of the industry leaders in internet marketing for lawyers.  Our focus of providing a comprehensive listing for lawyers and their ability to submit articles and information.  

We are proud to pay our affiliates on a reoccuring basis for each sale.  Assuming an average sale of $45.00 for our service, we pay $9.00 a month for the life of the client!  That's right reoccuring, see how the numbers stack up with a reoccuring system.  Nobody else offers that in our industry.

 Time  Uniques  Conversion  Sales  Payout
 1 Day  100  1:50  2  $18.00
 1 Week  700  1:50  14  $126.00
 1st Month  3100  1:50  62  $558.00
 2nd Month  3100  1:50  124  $1,116.00
 3rd Month  3100  1:50  186  $1,674.00
 4th Month  3100  1:50  248  $2,232.00
 5th Month  3100  1:50  310  $2,790.00
 12th Month  3100  1:50  744  $6,696.00
 1 Year      4836  $43,524.00

Affiliate Commission Schedule, Paying out Top Commissions!

Lawyers Guide is dedicated to the success of their affiliates by offering a quality service and a top tier afiliate progam.  TheLawyes Guide Affiliate Program offers some fantastic tools that were designated to help affiliate members promote and build their online business with success.

Reliable Tracking & Advanced Reporting: 
 Designed to help our affilaite members and business partners earn more by focusing on lawyer conversions and providing you with detailed ID tracking reports and live statistics.

Real Commissions:
  In the legal marketing industry we pay our affiliates members one of the highest commission rates.  We pay up to 30% on the 1st Tier and 20% on the 2nd Tier and we pay on time every time.

Other Features:

  • Tracking Codes and Cookies.  Our affiliate tracking includes tracking cookies for your account.  This means that whenever you send a visitor to us, our software will store a varialbe for that individual.  If an individual you send to bookmarks our site, and returns two weeks later, you still get credit for the sale!  
  • Payout by Paypal or Check.  Whether you prefer to be paid via PayPal, or by a business check, feel confident in using our affiliate program.  Payouts are made on the 1st of every month, each and every following month you send traffic.  We pay out for each and every sale you make 24/7.
  • Custom Banners & Creatives.  We are on call 7 days a week.  If you need cusom creatives for your website, we are available anytime to create banners, html advertisements, flash advertisements, or anything else that will help you convert your traffic.

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